Succeeding with the Brilliant 21 Day Fix


Succeeding with the Brilliant 21 Day Fix

Autumn Calabrese has come up with a fantastic new program in the form of 21 Day Fix. By following the program, it may be possible to acquire the perfect “beach body” in only three weeks. Getting leaner and in great shape in only 21 days absolutely is want any dieter wants. The key to success would be taking advantage of the right program and sticking with it.

The 21 Day Fix Plan

Six workouts comprise the 21 Day Fix exercise strategy. The workouts are designed with variations and variance in mind. The body has a tendency to react better to exercises when it is somewhat confused. The confusion comes in the form of switching up the workouts, which the 21 Day Fix does nicely. Boring workouts are never going to be stuck with. Calabrese employed a bit of brilliance in crafting this exceptional three-week workout strategy.

A Solid Eating Plan

All the positive exercise in the world could be undone with the wrong diet plan. With the 21 Day fix, a properly managed diet is put into place. Calories are counted and so are macronutrients. The design that went into the diet was carefully thought out.

Staying True to Plans

No matter how brilliant the 21 day fix is, no one is going to achieve any gains by cheating or not sticking with the program. Those who feel they can go on and off the diet during the 21 days won’t be thrilled at the results. They would have no one to blame for such results but themselves though. The diet is not intended to be treated as something that can be succeed with a start and stop approach.

21 Day Fix


 21 Day Fix

Getting into the best shape of your life is a task that you shouldn’t undertake lightly. After all, getting into your swim suit shouldn’t be something that you dread. Whether you are a guy trying to carve out some muscle or a woman trying to tone the muscle you have, entering into a simple 3 week weight lifting/management program can be exactly what you need as the season starts to change. Today we are going to look at the 21 Day Fix and how it can change your life.

 21 Day Fix

Getting into beach ready shape isn’t easy. After all, just take a look at the other people at the beach the next time you go. There are people that look great and others that look like they could have used an extra week of preparation before heading out. You aren’t competing with anyone, but it does feel nice to show up looking as good as anyone else around. So that’s why the 3 week program is so darn important. The 21 Day Fix sets you up for long term success by getting you to follow a routine, commit to a diet, and learn the ins and outs of what your body needs and what it responds to.

The 21 Day Fix focuses on flexibility, dieting, and getting your core as tight as possible. You could lift weights forever but if you didn’t eat right you wouldn’t end up seeing any changes int he long run. That is why the 21 day fix focuses on such a well rounded collection of information and ideas. You’ll start off focused on stretching and cardio and then transition into pilates, heavier bodyweight workouts, and more. After 21 days you should start to see your body really transform into the shape that you desire.

21 Day Fix Exercise and Diet Program

fitnessLosing weight and getting healthy are very important for those who are overweight. Being overweight can cause many health problems with long-term conditions down the road. When a person is overweight their body is having to work extra hard in order to function, so losing weight and exercising would be extremely beneficial for them. This is all possible with the 21 Day Fix program as it helps you make the right choices when it comes to your diet along with helping you learn ways to exercise that will enhance your weight loss and also increase muscle tone in the process.

The Exercise Program

The 21 day fix program comes with two DVDs, including 6 unique workouts that are designed to help you burn quite a few calories in just a 30-minute session. You will receive many benefits from working out with these programs, including weight loss and improved muscle tone and strength. For the first two weeks, you will focus on one workout per day until your body gets accustomed to working out. By the last week, you should be able to advance to a doubles workout, which involves one workout in the morning and one in the evening hours. You will feel better and more energized the longer you stick with a fitness program such as this.

The Diet Program

Some nutritional programs that other diet plans and programs have focus on eating less and eating foods that are not that tasty. The 21 Day Fix program focuses mainly on portion control and initiating a plan that is healthier for your body and to achieve the health benefits your desire. The containers are color coded so it makes it easy to know how much to eat of what item and keeps it all separated so you can get the proper nutrition. Having the food list with the program makes things a lot easier and there is no guess work. The meal planning is very flexible, allowing you to consume foods in your containers however you choose throughout your day.

Having a program that lines everything out for you in a simple and direct way can help you feel confident in knowing that it is something you can follow without having added stress to this major change in your life. The 21 Day Fix is a simple plan that actually works and will guarantee the weight loss you desire along with helping you to have a healthier and longer life.

The 21 Day Fix Might Be The Perfect Fitness Plan

21DayFixOne thing really keeps people from meeting their desired goals when trying to get into great shape. They get bored with a program. Boredom is a very unsatisfying feeling to embody. No one is going to remain on track to do the same thing over and over again when boredom sets in. Consistency, however, is critical to getting into good shape. Anyone who wants to do what is required to change a physique for the better has to figure out a way to vary up exercises.

Research Variations

There are a lot of different ways to hit the same muscle groups. For the thighs (quadriceps), hack squats, box squats, alternate dumbbell lunges, and more can be used. There is no reason to think only one exercise is reliable for hitting a particular muscle. And then there are ways of changing up a particular exercises. Curls can be done with either a barbell or dumbbells. The dumbbells can be raised both at the same time or one at a time.

Avoid Long, Boring Workouts

Workouts that drag on forever do not exactly stimulate the mind even though they may do wonders for the body. Perhaps it would be better to take part in shorter – 20 minute or so – workouts that are designed to be productive and targeted.

Change Up the Goals

Having the same goals all the time does contribute to boredom. Instead of focusing on weight loss, think about increasing strength. Different goals mean different workouts and this change up otherwise dull workouts.

Look for a Ready-Made Plan

Look into ready-made plans capable of helping with the achievement of results. The 21 day fix is one program worth checking out. Anyone interested in something unique, original, and decidedly not boring is sure to find the 21 Day Fix worth trying.

Get a Lean Tone Body with the 21 Day Fix Workout


There are some weight loss programs that allow people to lose a specific amount of weight in a short amount of time. The 21 day fix is a program designed to help people lose weight within a 21 day period. The program was designed by a professional fitness expert so it encompasses both areas of exercise and nutrition. The program follows a specific schedule throughout the three weeks it runs, which makes following it extremely easy for people who have trouble sticking to traditional weight loss diets. The schedule tells the person exactly which exercises to do on each day, while the meal planning guide helps them plan out what foods to eat.

The Benefit of Exercise

The 21 day fix includes a variety of exercises to target all the different muscle groups of the body. This helps trim down the fat around the waist, hips, thighs and belly as well as from the underarm region. Because the exercise program was set up by a professional fitness expert, it also helps tone the body while providing an excellent cardio workout. The exercise schedule staggers the different exercises across different days to help change up the routine, so people stay engaged and motivated with their workout.

Meal Planning Help

When it comes to losing weight the hardest aspect to follow in a weight loss program is the diet. The 21 day fix comes with a handy set of color coded containers to make it easy for people to choose the correct portions for the foods they eat. The program is designed to provide balanced nutrition so it incorporates foods from all of the necessary food groups including healthy fats and dressings. The portion control system is based on the number of calories needed to help the body shed its excess stores of fat.

21 Day Fix Get Beach Body Ready for Summer

21 day fix 1Introduction

With the summer months quickly approaching, many people are working hard on getting their beach bodies ready. Since everyone is stressing over getting ready to walk on the beach in their bikinis, weight loss and diet companies are beginning to advertise their programs pretty hard. One of the programs that are being advertised often is the 21 Day Fix program. This program promises extreme results in just 21 days. Several people have found this hard to believe, so a girl by the name of Holly has decided to try out the product and post her results on her well known blog.

Exercise Schedule

The very first thing that Holly posted on her blog concerning the 21 day fix program was the exercise schedule. The schedule that she had posted showed different exercise videos provided by the 21 Day Fix company for each day of the week. This was a major validation for her because she believed that she would see some serious results by working out hard every day of the week.

Diet Plan

The next section of Holly’s blog post showed the diet plan that was also included inside of the 21 Day Fix package. The diet plan that she posted showed varies menu options that mainly focused on the importance of portioning out food. The package contained color coded containers meant to be filled to the top with the various components of a healthy diet. By doing this, the 21 Day Fix company allowed for Holly to visually see in front of her basically what all she should be eating and what she should stay away from in order to see results during her 21 days.


Along her 21 day weight loss journey, Holly took pictures of her body every few days. On her blog, she posted the pictures so that others could see her results. She indeed saw her body changing and had nothing but praises to say about the 21 Day Fix Program. She said that it was definitely a lot of work, but the results after just 21 days made up for the sweat and soreness.

21 Day Fix: Eating Out! By: Charles Jones

1It gets on your last nerve. I know it does. Just look at them sitting there stuffing there face, with not a care in world. Then, wait for it. “Would you like to ‘GO-LARGE’ with that?”

Yeah that’s them. The EATWENS. The EATWENS are the group of people that can EAT-ANYTHING-THEY-WANT-EXCLUDING-NOTHING group. And, now thanks to the awareness brought about from obesity and other health problems. More and more restaurants are improving their menu or simply adding a healthy one.

Dieting should not stop you from dining out with friends and family. Or have you feeling like it to much of a hassle to find a healthy dining spot. Hats off to the ‘healthy dining finder’ site for taking the hassle out of that. That obstacle is a thing of the past. It even has such features for you customize nutritional factors, such as Carbs, protein, and sodium intake. This site has become the dieters genie when it comes to finding healthy spots to enjoy a meal.

Remember, moderation and motivation are the true keys to a successful dieting routine. Either for 21 days or 21 Minutes the best success comes from research, determination and the aforementioned two words…Moderation and Motivation.

Most places now offer a healthy diet menu. And, should they not have one, then most do have their nutritional value of their menu items in or on the menu. In a recent steady some of our most popular brands of fast food chains have made the top ten healthiest places to eat. Shockingly, the famous Subway franchise was not on the list, while even more shocking, McDonald’s was mad No. 8 on the list.

See 21 day fix for more information.